Supply lists 22.23

Robert Stuart Middle School

6th / 7th /8th Grade supply lists:


Mandatory Supplies to be carried to Each Class

1 2” binder

(For 6th grade only - Please NO ZIP/Velcro BINDERS! – We will provide dividers for 6th grade)

1 pencil pouch for binder

2 package of college ruled loose leaf paper for binder

1 calculator (not needed for 6th grade)

1 metric ruler with metric and standard units

1 Composition book

       1 pack glue sticks (1 for pencil pouch)

       1 set of colored pencils for pencil pouch

       3 highlighters (yellow, green & pink) for pencil pouch

       1 package of pencils (some for pencil pouch)

1 dry/erase marker-medium tip/dark color


 Student Success Class (SSC) Suggested donation

3 boxes of tissues

1 container of wipes