Change in End of Semester Attendance Finals

 We will NOT be having attendance finals at the end of this semester and future semesters. This is a change from past practices. This means all students will be required to attend school the last 2 days of the semester. The change was made to be more consistent at the middle school level across the district and to promote healthier choices, like staying home from school when a child is contagious. All students will still be given an End of Course Assessment (EOC) in every class except SSC (advisory). The EOCs are scheduled during the last week of school, many on June 2nd and June 3rd. which are regular attendance days. Please talk with your child’s teacher if conflicts in previously arranged family events arise because of this change.

Thank you!

Mrs. McBride

4th Quarter Weekly Goals for AR

The weekly goals for AR in SSC have been posted in the Student Information section on the AR goals and deadlines page.

Next year’s calendar

The adopted calendar for next year has been added to the calendar page.

You can use this to help plan your summer schedule.