NAEP Testing

A group of 8th grade students have been randomly selected to take the NAEP Test.

This test will be given Febrary 3.  They will take just one test in either math, reading, or science.

Updated List of Students Who Have Earned 100 Points or more

Check out the list of students who have earned 100 AR points or more this year on the Quarter Goals and Beyond Page in the Library file.

Students get 1 ticket for each 100 points they earn for the end of the year $100 bill drawing.

We give away 1 $100 bill in each grade level.

Keep working, we’re half way through the year!

3rd Quarter Weekly AR Goals Added

The weekly goals for the 3rd quarter have been added to the AR Goals and Deadline page found on the Student Information file.

This is very helpful for students and parents to use to help stay on track in reaching AR goals.

Another change in end of semester policy

The attendance policy added yesterday was removed as the policy on semester testing is being changed.

Updated information on this will be added as it becomes available. (That sounds very “governmental”, no?)

Next year’s calendar

The adopted calendar for next year has been added to the calendar page.

You can use this to help plan your summer schedule.

New School Names Announced

The names of the 3 new schools being built have been announced:

Middle School: South Hills Middle School Cougars

East end elementary: Pillar Falls Elementary Falcons

North end elementary: Rock Creek Elementary Raptors